Non-sexual hacks that can make you extremely attractive.

There are loads of unrealistic expectations and standards in the modern dating world. With these expectations, the standard of finding an ideal partner has become deplorable. People focus more on the outside rather than the inside.

No one cares about the downsides of a potential partner as long as they are attractive enough. We've compiled a list of hacks that can help boost your confidence (if you are short of it) and make you attractive.

1. Good scent:
Bad odor is the worst kind of turn-off. No one wants to sit around a man or lady who is badly scented. Bad scenting might be a perspiration issue. It is advised that people procure deodorants and colognes to help mask unhealthy  pheromones.

2. Neat finger nails:
Cleanliness is next to godliness they say. Nothing beats well-trimmed finger and toe nails. Most people look out for this. So it is best that everyone keeps well-trimmed fingers. There are lots of side effects to grooming dirty long nails.

3. Fresh breath and nice dentition:
Eating raw extracts like garlic and onions are raw bombs. Not only do they mess your breath for a few days, they alter the scent of your pheromones.
A nice clean dentition is beautiful as well. Brushing atleast twice a day is wonderful.

4. Wearing well-ironed and neat clothing.

5. Exercising regularly:
Exercising should be done like a daily routine.
Exercising is good for both aesthetic reasons and for the overall health of a person.

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