16 Interesting Word Facts You Probably Didn't Know.

 There's always wonder in tracing back where words come from. Some very common words have interesting origins. We've come up with words you might find particularly interesting, this facts will particularly give you a very good feel if you are a word nerd. 

We've come up with about 16 word facts for you to look on, we hope they appeal so much to you. Word etymology is truly fun and interesting. Here's the list: 

1. "Audio" is the Latin word for "I hear", while "Video" is the Latin word for "I see". Putting it into context when you say Audio-visual, from it's Latin roots, you literally mean; "I hear and I see".

2. "Gymnasium" is from Greek word "gymnazein", which literally means "to exercise".

3. Another interesting word is "Dutch feaśt" which means "when the hosts get drunk before the guests". It be an interesting scene for those who have experienced that ever.

4. "Doryphore" – this is the name for individuals who enjoy intense satisfaction from pointing out the errors of others.

5. Surprisingly, 11% of the English language is just the letter "E".

6. The word "girl" used to mean a child of either sex. 

7. Have you ever reached out to scratch your back, but it seemed like you couldn't quite reach a side, if yes you'd agree with me how frustrating it gets. That part of the back you can't scratch is called "Acnestis".

8. In the 1500's the word "Bully" used to mean "Sweetheart".

9. "Asinine" is to donkeys like "canine" is to dogs, like "feline" to cats, and "bovine" to cows.

10. Ever wondered what being soft spoken means in written English, it means "Dulciloquent".

11. The phenomenon of yawning and stretching is called, "Pandiculation".

12. The word "Harlot" originally meant a disreputable young man.

13. "Muscle" is gotten from Latin word "musculus" which means "little mouse".

14. "Janitor" is gotten from "Janus" the two-faced Roman god.

15. "Host" and "guest" come from the same root word, meaning "a stranger".

16. "Mythomania" is an abnormal tendency to exaggerate or lie.

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